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Know Your Numbers

Monthly bookkeeping by our experts and meticulous review ensures that you always know where your business stands

Ready For Tax Season

Tax-ready financial statements are prepared by our bookkeepers and thoroughly reviewed by our CPAs

Stress-Free Uploads

Our up-to-date technology allows you to easily upload any documents related to your business through our secure client portal

Client Testimonials

Their bookkeeping magic and tax tips have saved me so much time and stress. Their top-quality services are worth it!

Samantha Riker

Cater-Plus! LLC

Josh and his team have helped me with taxes and bookkeeping for years. Great service and great advice when managing my rental properties. My last accountant left a little bit of a mess and they worked with me to make sure everything is in order.

Conor Olstad

Olstad Media LLC

Freelancer got organized with Stag Advisors. Great team – they handle bookkeeping, taxes, and savings optimization. Explained everything patiently. Very happy with their service.

Alex Hooper

Esquire Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the bookkeepers at Stag Advisors do?

Our bookkeepers are like financial super helpers. They make sure all the money in and out of your business is recorded neatly. They can handle your bank stuff, make sure your financial reports are spot on, and can even help with extra things like setting up QuickBooks or doing payroll if you want.

What do you mean by "CPA-reviewed bookkeeping?"

Unlike other bookkeeping companies who may only have a certificate for bookkeeping, all of our bookkeepers are trained and their work is reviewed by a licensed CPA, that way you always know your books and financials are correct, saving you both time and money.

How do you receive my documents?

Getting your documents is easy-peasy! You can send them over through our secure online portal. It’s like a safe digital mailbox where you can drop off all your financial stuff. We make sure everything’s protected so your information is kept super safe. Once you send them, we take care of the rest!

Where are your bookkeepers located? What are their qualifications?

Every client at Stag Advisors gets their very own bookkeeper, who’s not just super skilled but also right here in North America. What’s cool about us is how we mix a friendly, personal touch with the latest tech. Our bookkeepers work alongside smart computer systems that can sort through lots of money details really quick, which means we can finish up your financial books fast and without mistakes.

What kind of tax services does Stag Advisors offer?

We’re like tax detectives; we dig into the tax rules to help you pay what you owe and not a penny more. We can handle your tax returns, figure out tax savings, and if the tax office sends you a scary letter, we’ve got your back.

What if I need help with my business's finances all year?

That’s what we’re here for. Think of us as your year-round money buddies. We don’t just pop up at tax time; we’re here to help you with your finances any time you need it.

How does the free month of bookkeeping work?

When you say “Yes” to our bookkeeping services, we give you one historical month of free catch-up bookkeeping to start. It’s our way of showing you how awesome we are, with no strings attached.

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